Upgrading To USB Sockets: What You Should Know

From smartphones to tablets and smart home products, many modern devices require charging by USB cord. To make the charging process easier and to eliminate the need for a wall socket plug, you might have considered the idea of installing USB sockets in your home.  Cost Savings or Increase When it comes to an upgrade to a USB socket, it’s important to remember that the upgrade is more about convenience. The upgrade to this more-accommodating fixture won’t necessarily increase or decrease your home’s electricity charges.

Need A Fire & Life Safety System In Your Industrial Facility? Here's Who To Hire

From 2006 to 2010, the National Fire Prevention Association estimates there were 42,800 fires each year in industrial and manufacturing facilities. For those owning, managing or working in these types of facilities, fire and life safety systems are important. A fire and life safety system is more than simply a smoke detector and sprinkler system. It encompasses all the mechanical functions of a building (such as elevators, electrical systems, and HVAC units) and controls them when a fire is detected to reduce the risks of property damage and the loss of life.

How To Replace A Damaged Plug On An Electrical Cord

Electrical cord plugs are subject to a substantial amount of stress from everyday use, and this can result in the plug flexing, cracking and breaking. A damaged plug is dangerous and can be the source of an electrical fire or potentially-lethal shock. Therefore, it’s important that damaged plugs be replaced. Fortunately, this is an easy repair for the do-it-yourselfer; below is more information on how you can make your plug as good as new:

Is It Worth It Having A Whole-House Surge Protector Installed?

Electrical surges can wreak havoc on pretty much anything that happens to have a circuit and is connected to the wall outlets throughout your home. Power strip-type surge protectors are commonplace, but they only offer a limited amount of protection for appliances that are directly plugged into those strips. This is where whole-house surge protectors come into play. These devices are supposed to safeguard your home’s entire electrical system from damaging spikes and power surges.

Dealing With The Problem Of Counterfeit Cabling

The problem of bogus electrical products being imported into North America is growing. While this problem must be addressed at a national level, it’s important that small businesses understand the cause of the issue and steps they can take to help stop the problem from continuing. The Problem of Counterfeit Cabling The main reason behind counterfeit cables entering the country is the variability of copper price. Copper is a commodity that can vary widely on the exchange markets, and as such is prone to experiencing booms and busts.