Upgrading To USB Sockets: What You Should Know

From smartphones to tablets and smart home products, many modern devices require charging by USB cord. To make the charging process easier and to eliminate the need for a wall socket plug, you might have considered the idea of installing USB sockets in your home. 

Cost Savings or Increase

When it comes to an upgrade to a USB socket, it's important to remember that the upgrade is more about convenience. The upgrade to this more-accommodating fixture won't necessarily increase or decrease your home's electricity charges. So, if you want to upgrade to save money, you might be disappointed. 

However, it is worth noting that some of these outlets allow for faster charging, so if you charge multiple devices regularly, charging for a shorter amount of time might produce a slight decrease in electrical consumption, but not necessarily enough for you to call the difference a noticeable savings in your monthly utility costs. 

Proper Fit

It's critical that the new USB socket properly fit the socket opening. Some faceplates only contain a USB connector, and there are others that accommodate a traditional two or three-prong opening and a USB insert. Whatever you do, don't choose an option that is smaller than the existing opening for your faceplate. 

Exposure of even a single wire can prove to be dangerous to the entire family, including pets and small children. Handling these wires can lead to electrical shock or even cause a fire. Measure twice to ensure the USB faceplate is large enough. If you plan to purchase the faceplate in a store, bring your existing faceplate with you.

No-Go Zones

Installing a USB socket is, for the most part, a very easy step that only requires you to connect a few small wires in place. However, there are plenty of times when the job is best left to a professional. For starters, if you notice any discoloration on the rear of the old faceplate, do not install the new adapter on your own. 

Discoloration can mean that too much electricity is being transmitted through the connection, which is incredibly dangerous. Additionally, if you detect any damage to the wires that connect the socket, don't proceed. It's best to call an electrician to correct whatever issue is taking place with the socket before the installation. 

When it comes to this project, and any other electrical project, for that matter, it's always best to rely on a professional when in doubt. From compliance to safety, an electrician can help you upgrade the sockets in your home. Contact a company like Peoples Electrical to learn more.